Acorn Flats

Location: Hamilton, ON

Client: Indwell

Final Construction Cost: $8,000,000

Architect of Record: Invizij Architects

Acorn Flats is the final phase in the development of the former Royal Oak Dairy site for Indwell. This project is unique compared to all other Indwell developments becuase it is intended for family housing with two and three-bedroom units. The design of Acorn Flats was intentionally something that can be replicated on other sites, with a three storey walkup model. Each stair Is used to directly access two pods, or six apartments, with a common exterior walkway to connect stairs as a secondary egress. This building includes eight total pods for 31 apartments and one common room. The intention of this new typology is to create a different sense of ‘ownership’ from tenants, and greater connection to the outdoors.

There will be a shared playground for kids and a common room with laundry facilities for parents to build friendships and community connections. The form of Acorn Flats and the material palette bridge the new buildings at The Oaks with the historic character of the Lansdale neighborhood. Construction is planned to begin in Spring 2023.

Closing Statement of Project