Caledonia Mill Restoration

Location: Caledonia, ON

Client: Riverside Properties

Year of Completion: 2019

Final Construction Cost: $130,000

Architect of Record: Invizij Architects

The Caledonia Mill was a historic mill building located in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. Built in 1846, it had a rich history with various owners and continued to operate as a flour mill until 1964. It was the last timber-frame water powered mill along the Grand River in Ontario. The Caledonia Mill was powered by three water turbines.

In 2018, the mill was carefully demolished by Riverside Properties, with major elements and lumber stored for future reuse in the new building. The new buildings will include high end offices with up to 10 offices suites and common amenity areas. The overall massing, exterior cladding, windows, and cupola of the building remains the same as the original mill building, with minor alterations like an exterior walkway to improve connectivity to the walking trail along the river. Many archival images and historical elements of the original mill will be maintained, including the water turbine and gears, bucket elevator, and weigh scale.

Project Location