St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Location: Hamilton, ON

Client: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Ancaster

Year of Completion: 2018

Final Construction Cost: $1,100,000

Architect of Record: Invizij Architects

Located at 31 Sulphur Spring Road in Ancaster, the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Gothic Revival building dates back to 1875 with an addition constructed in the 1960s to accommodate the burgeoning Ancaster community during its post-war expansion. Accessibility was a significant issue before the renovations; neither part of the church was wheelchair-accessible, and the link between the Sanctuary and Parish Hall was difficult to navigate.
Our design solution is a composition of architectural, landscape, and engineering elements that gives the church an accessible new lobby with a canopy, unites the 1875 and 1964 buildings and their various levels with a wheelchair lift, and draws attention to the beauty and history of the original building. A new skylight as well as floor-to-ceiling windows provide the new interior with ample natural light. The steel and glass canopy over the lobby entrance not only serves as a shelter, but also attempts to unify all building additions and present the church with a unique identity.

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