St. Mark’s Church

Location: Kitchener, ON

Client: Indwell

Construction Budget: TBD

Architect of Record: Invizij Architects

This project includes a redevelopment of St. Mark’s Church in Kitchener into 38 affordable apartments, while maintaining a majority of the original sanctuary for gatherings and events. The units are evenly distributed between the partial lower level, ground floor, and a new enlarged second and third floor. The facades of the historic church will remain primarily as they were originally with the exception of new windows to meet the Passive House standard. The third floor addition will blend into the existing building in both massing, form, and materiality.

More than 20% of the units will be designed for barrier free accessibility, fulfilling a deep need in the community. In order to provide comfort for the conversion of spaces to apartments, the walls will be insulated from the interior along with the attic spaces. The final result will be unique apartments in an existing downtown Kitchener location, set long the new LRT line.

Project Location