John M. Harper Branch Library & Stork Family YMCA

Location: Waterloo, ON

Client: YMCA of Kitchener Waterloo, Waterloo Public Library

Year of Completion: 2012

Final Construction Cost: $18,350,000

Architect of Record: Teeple Architects

Associate Architect: Invizij Architects

The complex is a 6,500 m2 facility on a 3.1 hectare site, housing a 2,100 m2 branch library and a 4,400 m2 YMCA with pool, gym, and fitness centre.
The YMCA is configured on 2 barrier-free accessible levels with the health enhancement area overlooking the pool, gym, lobby and outdoors. With clear views into the surrounding landscape and direct connections to outdoor reading gardens, the library is on one floor with prime exposure to the street intersection.
This project was delivered via a Construction Management Contract with a Guaranteed Maximum Price, and has achieved LEED Silver Certification.

Project Location