Centre de Santé Communautaire – Hamilton Site

Location: Hamilton, ON

Client: Centre de Santé Communautaire Hamilton Niagara

Year of Completion: 2014

Final Construction Cost: $2,000,000

Architect of Record: Invizij Architects

Centre de Santé Communautaire Hamilton Niagara provides essential francophone services such as primary health care, health and wellness programs, violence prevention programs, and social service. The Centre de Santé has adopted a holistic approach to the delivery of its programs; thus French-speaking people of all ages in the Hamilton and Niagara regions have access to a wide array of services.
Programs and services have a particular emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion achieved through the provision of information and education.
The renovations turned a 1970’s brutalist style concrete bank building into an efficient, easy to navigate community centre with medical clinic on the main level, counselling and community rooms in the basement, and open concept staff offices on the upper floor. The renovated building is AODA compliant, energy efficient, bright, durable, easy to navigate, and meets the current infection control standards. As a project team we worked with the Ministry of Health Capital Planning Process.

Project Location