MUMC Pediatric Oncology Renovation

Location: Hamilton, ON

Client: McMaster University Medical Center

Year of Completion: 2022

Final Construction Cost: $959,335

Architect of Record: Invizij Architects

The much-needed renovation for the Pediatric Oncology Clinic, is based on health promoting principles to provide a healing and comforting environment for the children undergoing treatment and their accompanying family members. The end result is a product of active participation of care givers and the end users, through the design cycle.

The 400sqm space was renovated in phases to minimize disruption in services provided by the clinic.

The design flow, is based on providing a more efficient use of space and a conducive environment for treatment. Spaces, are subtlety divided, with age-appropriate activities, and provide each group of children their own area for interaction with their peers while they await treatment. The flexibility in design promotes interaction, while still respecting an individuals need of privacy, while undergoing treatment. Comfort and involvement of the accompanying family members has also been addressed. Color scheme is a product of discussion with all the stakeholders including the patients, and the therapeutic comfort they offer.

Project Location