Hamilton Public Library — Binbrook Branch

Binbrook, Ontario

City of Hamilton

550 sq m | 5,920 sf

Scope of Service
Full Architectural Services
Interior Design


2018 Hamilton Urban Design Award
































































































































































































The HPL required a new, open, welcoming and flexible space ensuring all amenities were accessible to all patrons. The new facility features were to include quiet study rooms, computer labs as well as multi-use spaces to respond to varying modern user needs. HPL’s need for expanded space resulted in a design that proposed to double the size of the existing library. To respect the site and neighbouring community, the Design Team decided to break the mass down into two 3,000 SF volumes to ensure the scale of the new facility was not overwhelming. As conveyed during initial user group meetings, the history and roots of the community are slowly disappearing. Building on information gathered during a series of consultations and a community-driven narrative, the built form and interior spaces were consciously designed to pay homage to the rural history of Binbrook, responding to the vernacular of its culture past and present. The resulting motif evokes an understated elegance of a modern barn structure. The reminiscent façade gives the illusion of two barns penetrated by a glass box. The brick façade reflects a notion of weathered barns, connecting the building to the suburban fabric.

Recognizing the library was a critical component to community interactions, a strong, intentional relationship between building and street was considered. Transparent views throughout the perimeter promote opportunities for connection to public spaces designed to be engaged as social epicentres.