We design elegant and functional buildings that can meet the test of time. We observe our clients’ needs and listen to their aspirations. Our designs not only meet functional objectives, but also recognize aesthetically inspired buildings lift the spirit. We acknowledge each project’s economic realities while striving for superior environmental performance. We embrace our professional responsibility as designers to create healthy buildings for users that uplift the community and meet the need for a low-carbon future. Our design aesthetic is streamlined and bold.

Environmental Stewardship

Invizij is a Canadian leader in Passive House design, having designed numerous larger-scale Passive House buildings across Ontario. Whether LEED, Passive House, or another green building standard, we have the in-house expertise and an exceptional team of consultants to make every project meet its environmental goals in a low-carbon future.

Functionality, Durability and Quiet Elegance

A building’s purpose must be clearly identifiable, and its organization logical and efficient. We use quality materials and building systems to minimize maintenance costs through 50+ years of service life. Our designs communicate a quiet elegance that uplifts their surrounding environment. The results are award-winning projects that people love to use.


• Architectural Design
• Development Approvals
• Construction Documents and Specifications
• Construction Procurement
• Construction Administration
• Functional Programming
• Building Assessment
• Interior Design
Passive House Design

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